The Process

In-office teeth whitening takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on your level of staining and the service you choose. All your options will be discussed at your consultation or at the beginning of your service appointment. 

For Basic and Advanced in-office services:

First, you insert the stylish cheek separator. 

Then, if you have sensitive gums, a gum barrier is applied. (This step is optional for the Basic service, but required for the Advanced.)

After the barrier is applied, there are three applications of the whitening gel, with each processing under the “blue light” for 15-20 minutes. 

Very rarely do clients require additional visits, but in the event you have severe staining, we may recommend additional visits or an at-home teeth whitening kit. 

It is recommended that all clients try to follow the “white diet” for multiple days following their teeth whitening while the enamel pores close. It is also recommend that you use the Minerals™ Enamel Booster to help strengthen the enamel and replenish the minerals lost during the whitening process. 

We also offer many maintenance products to help you fight color regression, but if you prefer, we offer maintenance appointments every six months!


Is teeth whitening safe for teeth?

Peroxide-based teeth whitening gels penetrate teeth enamel to lift stains within the teeth dentin. This leaves the surface of the teeth enamel temporarily softened with pores open, but does not damage the teeth. Teeth most definitely will be more susceptible to stains for a few days following your service, and may continue to lose minerals. This is why every service comes with Minerals remineralizing gel.

What is the difference between the home whitening kits and the in-office services?

The Main difference is that the home whitening kits use carbamide peroxide gel, while the in-office services use a hydrogen peroxide gel which is stronger.

What are the Main Causes of Teeth Staining?

Who should NOT have teeth whitening?

Can all teeth be whitened?


Here are some examples:

Do our whitening products cause sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is extremely rare when using our whitening products, even if you have experienced it with other whitening products. Mild gum irritation or blanching may occur during the whitening process. The discomfort typically subsides shortly after finishing the treatment. 

If you are concerned about tooth sensitivity, brushing with a sensitive teeth toothpaste for at least a week or so prior to your appointment may help. We also recommend using the included Minerals gel to replenish minerals lost during the whitening process. It can also help alleviate sensitivity!

Should I brush my teeth immediately before my service?


Reason being, brushing can irritate your gums and make them more prone to sensitivity during the whitening process. It is recommended you brush no less than 1 hr prior to your appointment.

How long do results last?

This will vary from person to person depending on habits and over all enamel health. On average, clients can go 1-2 years before realizing any noticeable color regression!