Cosmetic tattooing is sometimes referred to as permanent makeup (PMU for short), but it is so much more. It's a way of adding to or enhancing facial features such as brows, the eyelash line, or lips. For instance, many brow clients are seeking to return their brows to their once fuller state, while lash line enhancement clients often seek to do the same for their lash line. For many, cosmetic tattooing helps speed up their morning routine while also boosting their self-esteem and confidence


Can anyone get a cosmetic tattoo?

PMU is not suitable for those who:

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

It depends on the procedure and person. Some procedures are in delicate areas that tend to be more sensitive. With that said, we do use a topical anesthetic to keep you comfortably numb during your session. 

How long does a cosmetic tattooing last?

Cosmetic tattooing is form of permanent tattoing. Like traditional tattoos, cosmetic tattoos will lighten and fade over time, and in some individuals this fading can occure sooner. The reason for this is the depth of the proceedure. While traditional tattos are implanted in the middle of the dermis; cosemtic tattoos are implanted in the very top layer of the dermis, known as the papilary dermis, right below the epidermis (the layer of the skin that regularly sheds and regenerates.) Microblading clients typically need a touch up yearly, while machined or hand tapped clients can go 2-5 years before needing a touch up.

What is the difference between microblading and machining?


Machine and Needle